Child 10 Award

Ensamkommandes Förbund (or The Association of Unacompanied Youth) is a home for children from all corners of the world. The organisation was created by youth and children, for youth and children.

Together we have worked hard and have become a voice in society. Together we can make sure that none of us is invisible.

Our organisation has been recognized many times for our efforts, for filling a void in peoples lives.

However, I feel particularly honored to receive the Child 10 Award, given the founders long history of tireless struggle for better lives for children. We look at you as a model. We smile with pride from being in your company and for receiving your support and encouragement.

We also hope that all of you cheering for us with this prize, will also support us in our ongoing and future struggle, to actually get politicians to provide protection and asylum for children fleeing to Sweden.

Our beautiful country of Sweden can do better. More children can have the opportunity to realize their full potential and achieve their dreams.

We can make change together.

I am so proud of Ensamkommandes Förbund and all of us in the organisation. We are now located all over Sweden, in 19 different places. We have created a forum for children to grow and find community, hope and trust.

In our work, a lot of people have supported us in various ways, our staff, our volunteers, politicians, teachers, the “Vi står inte ut”-network and other organisations just to name a few.

It is so important to recognize all the people who are fighting for children’s rights. Even more important in a world where people get punished for protecting a child.

I also must take this opportunity to recognize and celebrate all the girls and the women who are a crucial part of our organisation, many of them our strongest leaders who have affected me so much.

In Malmö we have Mahboba Madadi as a vice president, vi have Zahra Samadi as a president fighting hard for women’s rights and being an inspiration to so many girls who often get less space and voice. And also thanks to Daniel Moradi, Benjamin Fayzi and Farid Sultani. Also Mikaela Berg, the one who I call Zeindagi.

You have all made me who I am.

Thank you all for being in my life!




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